Adrian Wilson Cut

Bill Davis ran the Cardinals defense in 2009 and 2010. One of his best players was SS Adrian Wilson.  The Cards cut Wilson today.  Should the Eagles have interest in Wilson? 

I’ll need to watch tape to evaluate his play, but Wilson’s cover skills have never been great.  He is best used as a box Safety and blitzer.  He has 25.5 career sacks and can be devastating when he hits QBs.  Wilson had 3 sacks in 2012.  He remains a punishing hitter and tackler. 

Wilson flattens Moreno

The Eagles could use a veteran Safety and physical presence.  There is a definite argument to adding him.  The downside is that he will turn 34 in October and is a descending player.  He’s probably best off trying to land with a contender on a 1-year deal.  Still, I admit the thought of signing him and drafting a Safety with some size is appealing.  The rookie could learn from Wilson for a year.  Wilson would also be able to help teach Davis 4-3 Under scheme, assuming that’s what the Eagles do use in 2013. 

Just as important a question as should the Eagles have interest in Wilson is whether Wilson would have any interest in the Eagles. It will be very interesting to see what kind of market there is for Wilson.  He’s got very limited cover skills, but is a good run defender and blitzer.  He’s a smart veteran. I would think plenty of teams would be willing to take a chance on him.  The Cards wanted younger and cheaper so that’s why they’re making the move.


My personal favorite Adrian Wilson moment comes from 2005.  Adrian Wilson blitzed and rookie RB Ryan Moats attempted to block him.  Instead, he became a hood ornament on the Adrian Wilson Express.  Wilson then crushed Mike McMahon, causing Eagles fans everywhere to feel bad for approximately 0.0 seconds.

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4 Responses to Adrian Wilson Cut

  1. Dan in Philly says:

    Ah, the Mike McMahon era of Philadelphia football. I think we all remember how special those days were around here.

  2. Dan M says:

    Despite his age and output last year, this guy would be tempting for several reasons: he can tackle (a quality sadly lacking in many Eagles last year), he has the size to play in the box, tough, he knows how to blitz to good effect and he’s a vet who knows how to play the game and can set an example for others. Maybe a two-down defender? Problem is, he is not a Chip-style guy, not very fast.

  3. elross23 says:

    Panthers Chris Gamble was also cut today what do you think is his value today in the FA market this year

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