Already Barwin Updates

From Sheil Kapadia:

“Barwin only player on Eagles roster with pro OLB exp. in 3-4. On passing downs, dropped back 13.6% of the time last year, per ProFootballFocus”

From Les Bowen:

“Barwin guarantee is $8 mil, I am told. $13.5M, three-year, $36m for 6.”

A 3-year deal for that money is fine with me. Very reasonable for such an athletic, talented young LB. Inconsistency is the reason he’s not getting a better deal.


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3 Responses to Already Barwin Updates

  1. Joe says:

    Even with the Barwin signing, I still have to believe Jordan is on the radar at 4. Alls we have heard since Chip was hired is versatility. Having two guys that can switch between WLB and SLB might be something Kelly covets for his defense.

  2. Dancing says:

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