Connor Barwin Up Next?

Adam Caplan tweeted that the Eagles could be adding a “Joker”.  A couple of minutes later Caplan was a guest on Eagles Live and said that the team could make a move with Connor Barwin.  “Could happen” were his specific words, meaning this isn’t just a longshot or random rumor.  This is a legit possibility. 

Stay tuned.

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7 Responses to Connor Barwin Up Next?

  1. iskar36 says:

    Seems like this was Dave expressing his own opinion, but on Eagles Live, he was saying if Joeckel gets to #4 the Eagles “better not trade out of that spot”. I’d be curious to find out if that is purely him liking what he has seen/read of Joeckel or if that is partially influenced by what he has heard from coaches.

    • Xeynon says:

      I hope he’s basing it on what the coaches have told him, because I’m with Dave on this one. Franchise left tackles are almost like franchise quarterbacks in that they’re really hard to acquire without a high first round pick and when you have the chance to get one you’d better do so. Especially when you need one badly, which we will within the next few years even if Peters stays healthy this year.

      • iskar36 says:

        To me, Joeckel is the only guy we have talked about that I think is worth the #4 pick. Some of the other guys intrigue me, but if we are drafting specifically at #4, Joeckel (if he gets there) would be the guy I would want.

        Having said that, if Joeckel is there and someone is offering for us to trade back so we can get a few extra picks, I would definitely have to listen to the offer.

  2. John says:

    LaConfora says Eagles are close to a deal with Barwin.

  3. icdogg says:

    done deal

  4. Arby says:

    I likee.

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