Domo on DeSean, 4th Downs, and More

Paul Domowitch’s new column is out.  As always, he covers a variety of topics and offers good opinions. 

He debunks the idea that DeSean Jackson will be used like De’Anthony Thomas (Oregon star RB/WR).  Domo breaks down Chip Kelly and going for it on 4th down. 

Does he think Philly has a chance to host a Super Bowl?

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One Response to Domo on DeSean, 4th Downs, and More

  1. slandog says:

    I’ve been saying that ever since DeSean mentioned that he thinks he’ll be used like Thomas. No way can he handle that at all. Jackson has no build at all. Thomas is a thicker and more muscular person than Jackson will ever be.

    He’s also a stronger runner, he’s not afraid to go between the tackles sometimes. Jackson isn’t this kind of player at all. On punts his first reaction is to run backwards to give himself room. Jackson is an outside player, no way can he play inside (between the hashes) at all. He’s to fragile.

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