Eagles Add CB, S

The Eagles just signed CB Cary Williams to a 3-year deal and S Kenny Phillips to a 1-year deal.  Really interesting moves.

Williams started slow last year, but played well down the stretch.  He is exactly the opposite of Nnamdi and DRC in the sense that he plays with a huge chip on his shoulder.  Williams is the guy who shoved the official in the Super Bowl.  We don’t want that, but better to have a DB that plays with an edge than a DB that doesn’t really give a damn. 

Phillips is a very good player, when he’s healthy.  Right now his health is a major question.  This could turn out to be Marlin Jackson 2.0.  Jackson just could never get healthy in Philly. 

Phillips is more of a natural SS, but can play FS.  He’s 6-2, 217.  He has pretty good hands and solid cover skills.  He is a good hitter and tackler.  Phillips will battle Nate Allen for the FS job.  The Eagles will also spend a pick on a Safety to come in and fight for a job. 

Williams is an older guy, but buys the Eagles some time to draft and develop a CB to replace him. 

Solid day.  Some risk, but worth the reward.

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4 Responses to Eagles Add CB, S

  1. iskar36 says:

    Solid signings. I’m particularly intrigued by Kenny Phillips. I assume he has a relatively cheap contract, so he should be a low risk, high reward type player. He could prove to be done with his knee injuries, but at the same time, if he can recover, he can be a very good player. With Cary Williams, I know Jimmy was high on him in your H2H defensive FA podcasts, so it will be interesting to see how successful he can be. I do like that he is a physical corner (although I hope he can cut down the pushing of the refs type things).

    One sort of off topic question I have is what is your take on the Eagles announcing signings and coaches in bunches? It seems that has become their MO since Chip got here. All the coaches were announced at once (even though we basically knew all of them). The first day free agents were all announced at the same time. Now these two FAs. I assume they were all not signed at the same time, so I just find it interesting that the Eagles prefer to announce things in bunches.

  2. John@PTown says:

    Healthy Kenny Phillips….huge boost to the secondary. I like the risk/reward. I also think that the Williams signing is interesting as he is the anti-DRC/Nnamdi. Williams wakes up mad and plays really aggressively, sometimes a little too much. I would much rather have a guy getting a few penalties for being aggressive than watching receivers walk into the endzone.

  3. Knockers says:

    i really liked, thx

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