Eagles at EKU Pro Day

The Eagles had a scout or coach at the Eastern Kentucky Pro Day

The player of most interest was likely WR Tyrone Goard.  He is 6-7, 205 and has 34 inch arms.  That is one long WR.  He had a good workout at the Combine.  In the last 2 years, Goard averaged 19 yards per catch and had a total of 19 TD receptions.

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6 Responses to Eagles at EKU Pro Day

  1. Hotcakes33 says:

    Only 205??? Is this the love child of Manute Bol and Todd Pinkston?

  2. Tommy Lawlor says:

    Thanks for mentally scarring me for the next 2 weeks.

    Must. Get. Therapy.

  3. ICDogg says:

    LOL… that’s pretty lean for a football player but for just a guy, at that height, it would be considered a healthy weight.

  4. paulc says:

    Tommy, why do most websites have him listed at 6-4? nfl.com has him at 6-7, eku has him at 6-3?

  5. Ryan says:

    @paul…NFL probably lists his measurements from the combine. EKU probably never updated his height after freshman year?

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