Eagles Sign OLB Connor Barwin

The Eagles added LB Connor Barwin. The deal is being reported as 6 years, $36M. We need to wait and see what the real numbers are. Remember that a year ago Demetress Bell signed a 5-year, $35M deal.  That turned out to be just a 1-year deal in essence. 

What does this mean? I really don’t know. We need to hear the team’s comments about what they expect Barwin to do.  If he’s here as the SAM, that is fine.  If he’s here primarily as a pass rusher, that’s a head-scratcher. 

The length of the deal will tell us how this affects Brandon Graham, Vinny Curry, and the possible drafting of Dion Jordan or Ziggy Ansah. 

Several people have asked about trading Trent Cole.  We’ll see.  He’s not a real valuable commodity right now so keeping him may be the best option.

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8 Responses to Eagles Sign OLB Connor Barwin

  1. Phils Goodman says:

    $8M guaranteed through 2014. I love it. The defense is taking shape already. Could Sharrif Floyd be the missing piece?

    • John@PTown says:

      I would love having a guy like Floyd on the field with Cox. Our new NT needs to be doubled (size), Cox needs to be doubled (athleticism) and Floyd would need extra attention as well (athleticism). I like the ability of Cox and Floyd to collapse the pocket as well. That really frees up our linebackers (who are finally no slouches) to make plays in the backfield.

  2. GOL says:

    Definitely feels like Cole won’t be on the team to start the season. And that’s probably a good thing – to start fresh for both sides. But who knows.

  3. icdogg says:

    I think they see him as a guy who can do either… rush the passer or cover.

  4. John@PTown says:

    I have loved Trent Cole over the years but he just isn’t a fit anymore. I am really hoping he is traded to a 4-3 team (Atlanta (Abraham) & Detroit (Avril) both lost pass rushers and haven’t replaced them and both are pushing for playoff runs). I don’t expect nearly anything in return other than cap savings and late round selections. We can certainly use more picks and cap space to be used elsewhere on personnel that fit our new scheme.

    • phillychuck says:

      I really don’t want Trent Cole in the NFC if he’s not on the Eagles. I really am curious how they see Graham and Coles’ roles after teh Barwin signing. Barwin was great in 2011 as the predator, not so great last year at 3-4 SAM.

      • Septhinox says:

        I don’t think it matter where he ends up. He will be a 5-6 sack guy from here on out at best.

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