FA Update

Derek Landri signed a 2-year deal with the Bucs. Any regular reader knows I loved Landri, especially in 2011.  He was a great role player that year.  2012 was a different story and I’m not sure why.

The Eagles had no interest in keeping Landri because he just doesn’t fit the new scheme.  Whether the team goes 3-4 or 4-3 Under, there isn’t a natural spot for a 6-2, 290 player.  He doesn’t have the size or agility for DE.  He’s not a great fit at the 3-tech.

Landri is made to be a 1-gap NT.  He’s meant to play in the 4-3.  Tampa is a perfect fit.  They like their DL to shoot gaps.  That is Landri at his best.  NT Roy Miller left in FA so Landri will have a chance to fight for a good role.  The Bucs used a rotation last year and would likely do the same thing this year.  Landri excels when he’s kept fresh and able to play all-out.

I’m happy for him.  Good fit for his skills.  And he didn’t go to an NFC East rival.  I can still pull for him when I watch the occasional Tampa game.

* * *

Kevin Kolb signed with the Bills.  He agreed to a 2-year, $12M deal.

I have liked Kolb since his days at Houston.  I’d love to see him pan out in the NFL so I’ll be pulling for him.  I do think the Bills offer him a legit chance to succeed.  They have a solid OL.  They have good RBs.  Coach Doug Marrone helped run a good offense in New Orleans and then did good things up in Syracuse.

Marrone will tailor the offense to take advantage of Kolb’s strengths.  They’ll throw the ball quickly and mix in play-action passes. Kolb was off to a solid start last year before getting hurt.  It’s now or never for him.

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  1. Duck07 says:

    TL – One person you might think of in regards to a LS and versatility would be Michael Clay, another Duck that CK is all too familiar with as he has also played LS in the past for Oregon and thus someone Philly wouldn’t have to workout to know what they have. Clay also is someone of great character and very cerebral and while not the most athletic, the dude just finds himself all over the field and was an ideal opposite to Kiko Alonso at ILB.

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