Jake Long Update

Believe it or not, Jake Long did not sign with the Rams.  He arrived Tuesday evening.  He spent all day Wednesday going through an extensive physical.  His agent was in town Thursday and went to dinner with Rams executives (also Jake I assume).  This morning Jake left St. Louis with no deal and “several other teams still interested”. 

Could the Eagles be one of those teams?  They’ve added a lot of guys already, but no one ate up huge cap space.

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4 Responses to Jake Long Update

  1. Gavin says:

    Tommy, love the new site. Would think Vollmer would fit our plans better and would likely cost less. Also, who would you focus on for the 5 tech? I like Alan Branch. So many options right now with draft approaching. Thanks.

    • SteveH says:

      I’m right there with you on Vollmer, I think he could be a good fit. Really I’m ok with either guy, should be interesting.

  2. Xeynon says:

    If a former #1 overall pick who plays a premium position and made the Pro Bowl in four of his first five seasons is allowed to reach free agency, something probably stinks. If he he then visits a team that needs players at his position and leaves without signing, something definitely stinks – particularly when part of that visit was an all-day physical exam. My bet is that Long has some sort of serious health question that is scaring teams off, and we already have one health-related question mark at OT. I’m not that interested.

    • Iskar36 says:

      I agree there are questions for sure, but the Rams client him there for three days. I highly doubt they keep him there three days if they are not seriously interested. If they had let him go immediately after the physical exam, I would fully agree but it seems to me that thy were very much trying to sign him but couldn’t come to an agreement. My bigger concern is that Long’s demands are unreasonable.

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