Jake Long?

Rotoworld caught Adam Schefter on SportsCenter and got these comments in regard to OT Jake Long:

“As it turns out, he is going to be very sought after in this market,” reported Schefter. Schefter named the Bears, Eagles, Rams, and Dolphins as clubs that all have interest in Long. Long has been said to be seeking $11 million annually or perhaps more. We’d expect $9 million to be a more realistic target.

The Eagles?  I feel like this is a major stretch.  Schefter has listed the Eagles with FA targets in previous years that the team had no interest in whatsoever.  He gets info from agents and they often throw the Eagles name in the list.  That makes it sound like more competition for their clients. 

Why the Eagles?  The team has proven to spend big over the last 15 years. Also, they normally have the cap room to make any move they want. 

Could this rumor be true?  Doesn’t seem likely to me.  I think a team will pay Long big bucks to come play LT for them.  The Eagles would put him at RT.  I just don’t see the Eagles investing mega-bucks there when the draft has so many good OT prospects. 

Then again, the Eagles do know the value of good OTs, especially after watching Demetress Bell and King Dunlap in 2012.  Interesting rumor. Just don’t know if it is accurate.

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