Jaws: ” I believe Foles will be on the trading block”

Ron Jaworski is doing some writing for ESPN Insider on teams that are looking for QBs. In his section on the Cardinals, he mentions Nick Foles as a possible trade target.

“In my opinion, Foles doesn’t seem to fit what new coach Chip Kelly wants to run offensively in Philadelphia. I believe Foles will be on the trading block, and I think he has some big upside for teams that will ante up. While he’s not the mobile QB Kelly may require for his schemes, in a more typical NFL offense that doesn’t require the threat of a run from the QB, I believe Foles can be very effective. He’s got a strong arm and can make all the throws. He needs some work, but if a team wants to make him their guy and put the time into developing him, they’re going to get a good young QB.”

 If the Cards could draft an OT at #7 and then trade for a QB, that would be optimal. There is some speculation that the Cardinals are hoping the Raiders release veteran Carson Palmer.

Would the Cards really trade for another Eagles QB?  Hard to say.  This is a new coach and GM out there.

I still think the tricky part is compenstation.  I’m not dealing Foles for just a 3rd rounder.  Is there any way the Cards would give up a 2nd?  That’s possible if they look at the current crop of draft prospects and don’t see anyone to like.  Or maybe the Cards give you a 3rd and something else.  Too many possibilities to cover them all.

Remember, this is just me speculating about Jaws speculating about what the Cards might or might not do.  How’s that for a sure thing?

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13 Responses to Jaws: ” I believe Foles will be on the trading block”

  1. Dan says:

    I’m not so sure the Cardinals are looking to be trade partners with the Eagles when looking for a QB. Kevin Kolb hasn’t done much since being traded to them.

  2. Tommy the K says:

    I like Jaws but I do not think he has any idea what Chip wants and will do.

  3. JRiv787 says:

    I really doubt a pro team will say ” I’m not making any QB trades with x or y team because last time it didn’t work for us” if they like Foles they will call

  4. Dave says:

    Not sure I believe this. Chip is close with Belichek who runs heavy TE and short passes. Maybe he is really going to give Nick a try hoping he can be Bradyesque. Otherwise, it makes no sense that he wasn’t traded to KC (unless their interest was just a smokescreen). I’m assuming with the bounty they gave for Alex Smith, they could have had Foles for half that amount…maybe just a 2nd rounder. One thing that seems apparent with Chip is that he seems anything but predictable.

  5. icdogg says:

    Hey, I still say never trade with the Colts due to the way Ron Solt worked out

  6. Rex says:

    The funniest part about this whole chip Kelly thing is the local and national media asking chip questions, getting quotes, talking him up, listening to the things he says AND then turning around and saying “sure sure chip but we know you’re full of shit and wouldn’t dream of not using ANY mobile qb you can get your hands on.” I almost feel like chip might use foles out of spite.

    I mean I get it. These people are paid to give their opinion, but when you simply ignore everything that comes out of the coaches mouth what kind of informed opinion are you giving?

  7. Phillyfan1987 says:

    I feel like we need to take advantage of the Jets and milk picks.

  8. KC says:

    First time post…. While I do agree that Foles may not be the type of quarterback Chip Kelly is looking for. I do not see why he would be moved this year. With Vick signing a 3 year deal that is really a 1 year deal, the Eagles can cut ties with Vick at no cost after this season. Foles could be valuable in next years draft as a part of a trade to move up and land a top QB. I like Bridgewater, but whoever it is, the Eagles would be able to move up and get him without giving up as many draft picks with Foles being a part of the trade package. Just a thought, QB is a question long term and its fun to speculate. I don’t know how likely it is that that they are thinking that far ahead.

  9. Mac says:

    I believe Jaws is a one dimensional commentator.

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  11. Sandwich says:

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