Ricky Jean-Francois a Target?

Matt Barrows writes for the Sacramento Bee and says so.

RJF would replace DRC as a defensive player with 3 initials. He would also be helpful on the field.  RJF can play DE, DT, or NT. He started 3 games in 2012.  2 of them were at DT, one at NT.  While he’s only got 5 career starts, RJF has played in 48 straight games is a valuable member of the DL rotation.

The Eagles could see him as a NT or DE. Right now we’re all playing the guessing game with what the Eagles want to do on defense.  RJF lists at 6-3, 295, but those were his dimensions coming out of LSU. I’m betting he’s added 5 to 10 pounds in his 4 NFL seasons.  With that size he could fit in at NT or DE.  And that versatility may be part of what attracts the Eagles to him.

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4 Responses to Ricky Jean-Francois a Target?

  1. icdogg says:

    I see him as a nose tackle.

  2. American Dad says:

    haha nice, real nice

  3. puis mise au point de la mayo de foot pas cher sera de passer

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