Roob: Eagles Interested in Goldson, Landry

Reuben Frank reports that the Eagles are interested in veteran Safeties Dashon Goldson and LaRon Landry.

“The Eagles are in the market for a veteran free agent safety, and they have strong interest in two of the top safeties on the market — 2012 Pro Bowlers LaRon Landry and Dashon Goldson, according to various league sources.”

I consider this good news.  Goldson is the top FS on the market.  Landry is arguably the top SS.  This shows that the Eagles know they need help at both spots.  Clearly the Eagles aren’t signing both guys.  They’ll make a run at one and then it would make sense to add a Safety in the draft.

I’m particularly fascinated by Landry.  He can be a solid pass defender and an impact run defender.  He is 230 pounds and extremely gifted.  He’s never fully played up to his potential, but still would offer a big boost to the secondary.  Landry had 4 FFs in 2012.  That tells you he can separate the ball from the runner/receiver.

Goldson will cost more due to the fact he’s coming off 2 good seasons.  Landry had some injury issues in 2010 and 2011.

Landry also makes a lot of sense for Bill Davis.  He got to work with Adrian Wilson in Arizona, another huge Safety that can play the run and be a physical presence in the box.  Landry is faster and covers better, but lacks Wilson’s consistency.  Davis would know how to use a big DB like Landry to get the most out of him.

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4 Responses to Roob: Eagles Interested in Goldson, Landry

  1. ROA says:

    It appears Frisco is looking at a corner as their number one need. If they strike out in FA, would they want to jump ahead of Detroit and pick Milliner? They have 15 picks and Eagles need more picks then anyone sitting there at #4.

  2. SteveH says:

    I’ll take either of those FA’s and Cyprien. I’m riding the Cyprien train all the way to draft day.

    • MannaFromKevin says:

      I’d love to get Cyprien too, but I’m afraid he’ll go late 1st round. We might have to move up to grab him, and with only 1 pick per round in the first 4 rounds, I’d rather save those for acquiring other potential impact players. With the new regime, we’ll need all the picks we can get to bring in the right-fit players on offense and defense.

  3. Wilbert Montgomery says:

    Desean, LeSean and Dashon on the same team?

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