The Loneliness of the Long Distance Snapper

Jon Dorenbos re-signed with the Eagles earlier this month.  They gave him a 4-year deal.  Life seemed pretty good for everyone.  The Eagles had stability at LS and kept a high character guy at a reasonable price. Jon is a fan favorite.  He’s funny and has a great personality.  His wife is a major hottie.

But what about his snapping?

That’s actually been on the decline.  Jimmy Bama just put up a post with pics showing the errant snaps.

The Eagles seem to agree with Jimmy (oh god, that’s a scary thought).  The Eagles have worked out 3 different college LS’s so far.  This isn’t common.  The Eagles are showing definite interest in bringing in competition for Dorenbos.  Ideally, they’d love him to win the job.  He’s the kind of player you want to keep.  But Dorenbos has to win. New STs coach Dave Fipp will have no allegiance to Dorenbos. And the 4-year deal didn’t include some huge bonus like other positions get.  Dorenbos is guaranteed nothing.

Good luck, Jon.

So…did anyone get the reference in the title?

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10 Responses to The Loneliness of the Long Distance Snapper

  1. Dan in Philly says:

    The lonliness of the long distance runner.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      Dan gets the gold medal.

      • Dan in Philly says:

        Saying this, as one of the most well read people I know, I’m continually surprised and impressed by the diversity of your references. You know football like a savant, but obviously you also have wide interests.

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  3. ROConnor (@aceandson) says:

    Don’t try to get all Ivory Tower, you’re just cribbing the title via Iron Maiden.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      I have been known to listen to an Iron Maiden song on select occasions (like days that end in “y”).

      • Ferg says:

        Great song. Somewhere in Time is a great record which, while panned by some fans at the time of release (thanks to the catchiness of “Wasted Years”) has stood the test of time well. Dare I say that it’s….timeless?

        I appreciate the reference, and I would imagine that just about any long distance runner (be it for recreation or sport) is aware of and sees themselves as the main character from time-to-time. BTW – much like is being suggested about you, TL, I only came to know that story through Maiden, but I recommend the read if you haven’t yet. It’s, you know, short – which is one of my primary criteria for reading material. In fact, the song may be longer than the story that shares its name.

        But about football… I would like to see JD bring it around and keep the job. Like you said – good guy, hot wife.

  4. ATG says:

    I don’t want to be critical, but I think we have been over this. It is required by Internet etiquette that the phrase “major hottie” be a link.

  5. Arby says:

    To accurately use this analogy, Dorenbos would have to be killing whoever they bring in for competition. Then, just as preseason is winding down, intentionally miss kick after kick, thereby allowing the other guy to win the competition.

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