Analyzing the Eagles Draft

I don’t care much for draft grades, but I very much respect Rob Rang as a draft analyst and very smart football mind. He reviewed the drafts of the NFC East teams. I found his comments on Matt Barkley to be very interesting:

“Having coached against him, Kelly certainly knows Barkley well and must really like him (as I do). While Barkley does not possess elite straight-line speed, he does have the intelligence to make decisions quickly as well as excellent accuracy while on the move, making him a potentially very nice fit in this offense. The USC product possesses the best combination of the three traits that I’ve found to be the best indicators of future success in the NFL — accuracy, anticipation and awareness — and I believe he’ll prove his doubters wrong and emerge as the most successful of the 2013 quarterback class. “

Rob had good things to say about all 4 teams.

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6 Responses to Analyzing the Eagles Draft

  1. Dan in Philly says:

    Time to turn on the spam filter, Tommy 🙂

  2. Duck07 says:

    The more I think about MB the more it seems to make sense. At Oregon, Chip really one had 1 running QB in Jeremiah Masoli (also the worst passer Chip had). Yes, Dixon and Mariota can and did run, but it was never a staple play like the IZ (inside zone) with LaMichael James and going back to UNH with Ricky Santos, it was the same thing of a passing QB first. BTW, Chip did wonders at UNH with a FB by the name of Dan Kreider, maybe you’ve heard of him in PA (ya ya, I ain’t no black/yellow turd) which I only bring up to say that if there is one overwhelming aspect of Chips offensive tendencies, it is to take advantage of a players strengths while hiding their weaknesses.

    Its wild to compare him to Tom Brady, but there are more similarities than differences in comparing MB to TB, imo. As we already know the players will set the depth chart and because of the way they’ll practice, each QB will practice what they are best at and whomever has the greatest command will win the job. Of course I’ll be rooting for Dixon!

  3. Bill Ushock says:

    When I was a kid people made fun of my idiocy. Now, I’m a flipper and I short stuff. Eat your hearts out boys.

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