Connecting Some Trade Dots

Could the Dolphins be a potential trade-back partner for the Eagles?  I touched on that over at Iggles Blitz today and then Jimmy Bama took it a step farther, adding in more research and details.

I would love for the Eagles to make a deal with the Dolphins.  Dropping back to pick #12 and adding a 2nd rounder or maybe a pair of 3rd rounders would be great.  That would give the Eagles extra picks in an area where the draft is full of quality prospects.

There would be plenty of good targets at #12.  You would have to think the Eagles would be very tempted by WR/RB/RS Tavon Austin at that spot, assuming he’s not been snatched up already.

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6 Responses to Connecting Some Trade Dots

  1. Chad says:

    Yep. I’d be all about some Tavon at 12. Heck, I almost want him at 4!

  2. WilbetMontgomery says:

    PTF talking about the Fins looking at Kenny Vaccaro at 12. Birds could use a dominant safety again (long live BDawk). Thoughts on value of him At 12?

  3. SteveH says:

    Would warmack be available at 12? I think he would make sense there right?

  4. WilbetMontgomery says:

    It is impossible to say who will actually be there but when you realize that at least 12 names are in play for the number 4 pick, the numbers tell you one or more of those names will still be on the board at 12. Warmack could easily be one of them as teams may well be hesitant to draft a guard that high.

  5. dan in philly says:

    Considering the 2012 draft yeilded several starters, a good in 2013 would really set this team up for the next 5 year’s.

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