Couple of UDFA Thoughts

The Eagles have reportedly signed DL Damion Square from Alabama and WR Russell Sheppard from LSU.

Here are a few other names of interest:

ILB Kevin Reddick – UNC
ILB Jake Knott – Iowa State
ILB Travis Johnson – SJSU (played LB in college)
LB Tristan Okpalaugo – Fresno State
LB Travis Long – Washington State
LB Walter Stewart – Cincinnati
FS Rontez Miles – Calif PA
C Dalton Freeman – Clemson
RB DJ Harper – Boise State
RB George Winn -Cincinnati
RB Dennis Johnson – Arkansas
TE Chris Gragg – Arkansas      drafted…I’m an idiot

Keep in mind that there are all kinds of crazy reports with players. We won’t know for sure probably til Monday who is going where. Lots of negotiating going on.

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14 Responses to Couple of UDFA Thoughts

  1. LukeKelly65 says:

    Miles signed with the Jets (i have no idea why) and i think Cragg was drafted? but im not sure about that

  2. HazletonEagle says:

    get me Okpalaugo!!

  3. Groty says:

    NFL Draft Bible says we already have Damion Square, Alabama DE.

  4. C.J. says:

    Apparently the Eagles added RBs Miguel Maysonet and Matthew Tucker

  5. Baloophi says:

    Reddick to the Saints… did he learn nothing from Vilma?!?!

  6. HazletonEagle says:

    man we lost out on all the guys I wanted.

  7. HazletonEagle says:

    Patriots got Sudfeld.
    Bills got Keith Pugh and DaRick Rogers
    Jets got Rontez Miles and Ryan Spadola
    Jaguars got Matt Scott
    Chargers got Kwame Geathers
    Saints got Reddick
    49ers got Okoye
    Lions got Fauria

  8. HazletonEagle says:

    Im pretty happy about Russell Sheppard. Very Harvinesque.
    Still watching for Melvin White and TO

  9. HazletonEagle says:

    We signed Brad Wing. The LSU punter who entered the draft early. Im interested to see how good he is.

  10. icdogg says:

    I saw that we signed Jake Knott, but I also saw that KC signed Knott. So I don’t know which is accurate.

  11. Baloophi says:

    Looks like we scored the Knott!

    (I’m keeping an unofficial list over at IgglesBlitz)

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