DeMeco Ryans and the 3-4

Sheil Kapadia put up a great post on Ryans and the 3-4.  He went back and checked out some All-22 tape to get a feel for Ryans playing in the Texans 3-4 scheme back in 2011.

One of the things that Sheil talks about is a point that is overlooked by many.  The Texans play base or dime.  They don’t go nickel.  That means they were 3-4 or 4-1-6.  Ryans played in the base, but came off the field in the dime.  Brian Cushing was the ILB in that look, because he’s a better athlete.

The Texans did not get rid of Ryans.  He was just expendable because of his age and cost and the way that they did things on defense.

Great work by Sheil.

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