DeMeco Ryans Speaks has a video up of DeMeco Ryans talking to the media.  The talk goes on for about 13 minutes.  Ryans doesn’t offer any groundbreaking news, but does have a few interesting things to say.

Ryans said that the coaches haven’t talked much about scheme yet.  Chip Kelly seems to be focusing on getting the players indoctrinated to the new style of working out and just some general changes.  I can see the wisdom in not trying to do too much too soon.  Still, it will be nice when they get to schematic stuff so that the players can share some info with the media and fans.

Ryans said he’s comfortable playing in the 3-4 or 4-3.  He said all he needs to know is what his assignment is.  He can handle anything.  I  think there is a lot of truth in this.  The Texans let him go becasue they had an impact ILB in Brian Cushing and wanted to save some money.  Ryans wasn’t dead weight the team wanted to get rid of.

There were lots of questions about leadership.  This is a strength of Ryans’.  I think he’ll be a major asset this year in being a leader on the defense.  There are quite a few new faces.  Those players will look to someone.  Expect that to be Ryans.

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