Draft Watch – Late Round OT

Per this report, the Eagles have worked out Texas Tech LT LaAdrian Waddle.

Waddle is 6-6, 321. He has 41 career starts, mostly at LT. Put on the tape and you see a player with some potential, but who does need work. His feet look okay, but his technique is terrible. Doesn’t kick slide. He moves his feet backward as if walking back. That’s a big no-no in pass pro.

Here is Gil Brandt’s info on Waddle’s Pro Day:

“Waddle ran the 40-yard dash in 5.42 and 5.37 seconds. He had a 29-inch vertical jump and a 8-foot-6 broad jump. His short shuttle time was 4.88 seconds and his three-cone drill was completed in 7.23 seconds. He performed 23 lifts of 225 pounds on the bench press. Waddle is described as a mauling-type tackle, and could be a sixth- or seventh-round draft choice.”

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4 Responses to Draft Watch – Late Round OT

  1. Baloophi says:

    One of the best names in this year’s draft (perhaps eking out Oday Aboushi).

    So, Tommy… if you were to say I moved my feet backward as if walking back, how might you describe my gait? As a shuffle? A galumph? Or perhaps… a waddle?


    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      Brilliantly played. I should have expected nothing less.

      And what the heck is a galumph?

      • Baloophi says:

        I think I messed up… “galumph” is not a noun (as I used it), but rather a verb describing a clumsy, uncoordinated walk. I remember being asked to galumph as a demonstration in freshman English (high school) and being mortified. In fact, I believe I said, “I refuse to galumph,” making matters worse.

        • Jay says:

          One of the great poems ever: after slaying the Jabberwock with his vorpal blade, he cut off its head and went galumphing back. (I think scout-talk for this is “rumbles when he runs”)

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