Jeremiah on the Eagles

Daniel Jeremiah of was asked on Twitter if he thought the Eagles would have any interest in Ziggy Ansah.

any talks of Ansah linked with the Eagles? Can play DE and OLB n the 3-4> I┬ádoubt it. Guessing OT, Star or Jordan.”

Very intersting. I think Ansah could definitely be an Eagles target, but that is purely conjecture on my part. Jeremiah worked for the Eagles last year and knows the NFL very well. That said, he’s on the outside in terms of what the new staff wants and of course there was a major scheme change.

I’m curious to know if Ansah is of any interest or if they see him strictly as a 4-3 player.

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4 Responses to Jeremiah on the Eagles

  1. Baloophi says:

    Wait. I thought Jeremiah told us to book Geno Smith. I’m confused.

  2. T.J. says:

    As of last week Jeremiah gave the impression it was all but a lock that Geno would be the pick at #4.

    I wonder what changed?

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