Mike Mayock on the Eagles

From the NFL:

“On the Eagles pick at No. 4, Mayock: OT Lane Johnson fits the exact up-tempo style of HC Chip Kelly. If not Johnson, I think DE Dion Jordan”

I completely agree. A lot of people connect the Eagles to Eric Fisher, but I think Johnson is a much better fit. He is the better athlete and has RT experience. He also played in an up-tempo offense at Oklahoma.

The only quiestion with Jordan is whether he gets past the Jags at #2.

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18 Responses to Mike Mayock on the Eagles

  1. Bill says:

    I also agree Tommy! I hope they get Lane Johnson!

    I was hoping they could trade back for him, but that might be too risky.

  2. Average Joseph says:

    Ziggy baby!!! Ziggy Ziggy Ziggy!!! Z-I-G-G-Y Ziggy!!!

    Just An Average Joseph

  3. iskar36 says:

    I think you have stated that your top choice right now at 4 is Jordan, but you have also said you would love to trade back. Given the choice of a decent valued trade back into the 8-12 range or drafting Jordan at 4, which would you prefer. Also, if we traded into that range, is there anyone specific you would target there?

  4. Baloophi says:

    Lane would be a nice pick-up, but we KNOW Kyle Long fits the up-tempo style.

    I wonder – if Kelly runs a fast-paced, quick read offense – does the importance of a blind-side tackle diminish a little? Obviously you want the best players for every position, but in terms of importance to Chip Kelly’s team, is it still the second most important one?

    • Duck07 says:

      The Center at Oregon was responsible for calls at the line. Of course, plays will be called in from various signals on the sidelines but the field adjustments still have to be made based on what the D presents. Oregon rarely ran long route progressions too so sack numbers were down. I don’t know if Dion is the pick at 4, but I don’t see Chip passing on Kyle at 35 if he makes it that far.

  5. Arby says:

    Lane Johnson. Perfect first name for an OL, and perfect last name for the All-Penis Nickname team. (It’s the joke that keeps on giving.)

  6. doc says:

    1st pick – Lane Johnson
    2nd pick – Kyle Long

    would you be terribly upset?

    • Mac says:

      For what it’s worth… I have thought of that possibility. I think it would piss a lot of Eagles fans off really bad. I think it would remake our right side offensive line, which would be great. Let the best players play (and actually have some depth).

  7. DH says:

    What about all fo the reports that say Lane has the biggest bust potential of the 3 OL’s? Just don’t want to get stuck with a workout warrior.

  8. CheesesteakWilly says:

    How much of a drop-off is there between Johnson and Armstead? I haven’t watched any tape at all, but from what I’ve read they sound like similar players. Given the state of the O-line, I think you’re looking for someone to be an emergency backup in the present and starting 2 or 3 years from now.

    • DH says:

      Disagree. I think you want someone to step into RT immediately (with capabilities of playing LT in case Peters isnt 100%) so that you can move Herremans to Guard and Watkins to the back of the bench.

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