Peter King on the Eagles

I forgot to post this from Monday, when MMQB first went up.  A couple of Eagles nuggets:

4. Philadelphia. Eagles have been nutty about getting players who fit the 3-4. Hear they like Star Lotulelei a lot to play all along the line, even at nose. Where they go — Geno Smith, pass rusher, best corner in the draft — I don’t know, but my guess is pass rusher.”

“And,” Mayock said, “you throw a Chip Kelly in there at No. 4. He could be so different. I’m not sure they value things in Philadelphia the way everyone else does in the league anymore. So we don’t know that. Add to that the talent in the first round and the second round is pretty equal at a lot of spots. I could see [defensive end] Bjoern Werner going six, I could see him going 28. Right now, I think it’s simply an unpredictable year. I feel very good about my player analysis as we sit here right now. I don’t feel good at all about where those players are going.”

We can’t ignore Peter King. He had the Eagles taking Danny Watkins a few years back. Interesting that he hears Star Lotulelei is of high interest.  Last week we heard Geno Smith was a virtual lock.

It seems like Howie Roseman and Chip Kelly are doing a good job of keeping people confused.

I’m not sure what to make of Mayock’s comment about the Eagles valuing players differently. Could this be a hint that Tavon Austin is a possibility at #4?

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5 Responses to Peter King on the Eagles

  1. WOF says:

    Not even sure why but I always figured King had a good in with Andy or one of Andy’s guys.

  2. Dan in Philly says:

    The only thing that would shock me is if chip does things conventionally.

  3. Chet says:

    This is the same comment I made to you at Blitz under the “CB or S” article. Could be a hint at Austin or Lane Johnson (who many people says is the 3rd OT but we could value his athleticism as the top OT on our board).

  4. ian says:

    @ Tommy Idk why you are so against the idea of Star Lotulelei @ #4. he is a run stuffer, he rushes the passer. He is mobile and agile. I think he gets overlooked criminally for not being Dion Jordan or Ansah. Sometimes i see flashes in his highlights. IMO he flashes more than Dion Jordan does. Dion Jordan in any other draft would be a late 1st or 2nd round player. He has great potential but also is new to his position. With Star you have someone whose potential matches his production. he could anchor the D for a decade. with Dion there is a boom or bust factor that Star does not have. IMO Star is a safer pick. He reminds me of a bit of a poor mans Suh. I only say that due to the level of competition he played against, and there is an unproven factor there.

    this is my big board top 10(sorry i wont do a whole 300 players…fuck that noise)

    1) Dion Jordan
    2) Chance Warmack
    4) Joeckel
    5) Ezekiel Ansah
    6) Star Lotulelei
    7) Geno Smith
    8) Lane Johnson
    9) Tayvon Austin
    10) Dee Milliner

    if you want to argue with me go ahead but a player who is a virtual 5 tool player on a national title team gets my nod over any Combine hero. Rings speak for themselves. i want us to either take Star or Geno at #4 and if we trade down…it better be for Warmack or Lane Johnson. you either get a face for the franchise a cornerstone guy or you fortify the line around an already established cornerstone guy.

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