PFT Analyzes the Eagles Draft

ProFootballTalk reviews the Eagles draft. This wasn’t done by Mike Florio and it isn’t an edgy piece. Just straight-forward football analysis.

Here is one bit:

Long-term prospects: This was a good foundation draft class for the Eagles, one very clearly marked by Kelly’s vision for his new team. Johnson has considerable upside and could be a long-time starter if he continues to develop. Now, let’s see who emerges at quarterback in Kelly’s system. Does Michael Vick recapture his best form, or will Barkley or Foles challenge for time right off the bat?”

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3 Responses to PFT Analyzes the Eagles Draft

  1. JB says:

    I hate Florio more than anything else in the world. Absolutely refuse to read anything from his site.

    • Skulman7 says:

      Florio didn’t write this one, it’s not a bad breakdown (although probably nothing you haven’t read already if you follow other Philly sports sites like this one).

  2. icdogg says:

    Florio initially got on my nerves when I dug up some document about Vick’s supervised release (which contradicted some of his speculating) and sent it to him. He then wrote an article using that same information the following day. I wasn’t looking for any credit but he specifically credited “PFT staff” for coming up with it, not even saying it was “a reader”. I thought that was bad form.

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