Ravens Interested in Lane Johnson

Per Mike Preston of the Baltimore Sun, the Ravens are keeping an eye on OT Lane Johnson. Moving up from 32 to the Top 10 would be very hard, but you never know if someone is desperate to move back.

Should the Eagles consider a move like this? The Ravens would have to include a 2014 1st rounder inĀ  the package. That is very tempting, but I think the Eagles need to stay near the top of the draft to land an impact player. The Eagles aren’t in complete rebuilding mode the way some 4-12 teams with a new coach might be.

The Raiders are a more logical target. That roster has been gutted in a cap purge. They need bodies and don’t have a full set of picks. One player at #3 isn’t going to make a substantial difference.

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4 Responses to Ravens Interested in Lane Johnson

  1. bonez2088 says:

    I can’t imagine the Ravens trading the necessary value to move into the top 5. They would need to give up at least their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and next year’s 1st to come anywhere close value-wise. I can’t imagine that they would be so willing to mortgage their future for such a move.

    Lane Johnson seems untouchable to them. Maybe they would be more interested in moving into the top-15 for Fluker. If we traded down twice (a la the Kevin Kolb draft), we could maybe get involved and net some additional picks this year or next. Seems pretty fantastical though.

  2. bonez2088 says:

    Something like the Chargers trading down with the Birds to #4 (to pick up Fisher/Johnson), and netting the Eagles the #11 pick and the Chargers’ 2nd (#45).

    If we don’t like any of the prospects remaining at that point (such as Tavon or Mingo), we slide back with Baltimore for a haul of their 1st, 2nd, and next year’s 1st.

    Again, incredibly unlikely, but fun to think about. It would give us 4 picks in the top 70 (#32, 35, 45, 62, and 67), as well as another 1st next year. That would certainly accomplish the goal of gaining additional picks in the meat of the draft.

    • Steve says:

      I could live with that! #4 into all thos picks, plus a 1 next year. What would you do then, for the draft? Go defense heavy? A TE? Maybe S, TE, G/OT, DE/NT and BPA?

  3. Arby says:

    I don’t think so either. A 2014 1st from them is going to be at the bottom of the round. There’s value 6 thru 12 if you’re not happy at 4 this year.

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