Tavon the Target?

Per Ian Rappoport of NFL.com:

“The Eagles reached out to Tavon Austin yesterday, doing more due diligence. They’d be willing to move back. Covering their bases in case?’

Anyone who has watched Austin play has to have made the connection that he would be prefect for Chip Kelly. Austin can catch short passes and turn them into long gains and sometimes long TDs. He would also offer impact as a RS.

I don’t know that Austin is a target at 4, but he could be if the Eagles move back to 7 in a deal with the Cardinals. And certainly he’d be a target if the team moved even farther back.

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2 Responses to Tavon the Target?

  1. GvilleEagleFan says:

    Jimmy had his “official” highlight video posted as part of his mock draft, and although all the open field runs were jaw-dropping, there’s a goal-line run from the spread where he breaks the ankles of two defenders by cutting twice in like four steps. That level of agility is insane.

  2. Dan in Philly says:

    If Dion Jordan is off the board, I would.be quite happy with Tavon plus an extra number 2.

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