Todd Herremans Reflects

Todd Herremans went to D2 Saginaw Valley State, but still managed to get the attention of NFL teams. He was drafted in the 4th round back in 2005.  Here is a good article where Todd talks about his time in college and the draft process.

I remember watching him in the Cactus Bowl in January of 2005. That’s the D2 all star game. I wrote down that Herremans had no shot to play LT in the NFL. He struggled with D2 edge rushers in that game. I got to Lehigh and what did I see…Todd running as LT with the 1’s. Tra was hurt and there was Todd protecting Donovan McNabb’s blindside.

That was a big lesson for me. Don’t underestimate the value of pro coaching. Look for raw potential with small school kids, but don’t expect a finished product.

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