A Very Interesting Tryout

Former SF offensive lineman Jesse Sapolu just put an interesting note on Twitter/Facebook that he’s working with OL Nic Purcell to get him ready for a tryout with the Eagles. I’d never heard of Purcell so I did a bit of digging.  Turns out he is a really interesting player.

Purcell is 26-years old and from New Zealand. He tried to go to Oregon after playing junior college football, but was denied by the NCAA for a highly questionable reason. Here is the full story on things.

Purcell lists at 6-6, 300 and is reportedly a good athlete. He played LT in JC. Purcell is a feisty run blocker who likes to put guys on the ground. It is impossible to get a good reading on his pass protection skills due to the level of competition. It does appear he needs to get stronger, but that’s something that can be easily fixed.

I hate that the NCAA kept him from playing in college. It will be interesting to see if he has any type of actual NFL potential. Good luck to Nic.

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  1. jamesbondage says:

    NCAA is such a joke. Good luck to Nic on the possible tryout with the Iggles.

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