Chip and Merrill

Here is a good piece with Merrill Reese offering some thoughts on Chip Kelly.

There is no groundbreaking news here, but it does show what a good salesman Kelly is. He sat down with Reese after his hiring and picked Merrill’s brain. The Eagles recently had an alumni event and Kelly was great. He spent time with the older players and made them feel welcome. Kelly was the last person out of the room. He genuinely loves football. And it shows.

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2 Responses to Chip and Merrill

  1. Midnight Greenville says:

    Every new thing I learn about him, I like him more.

  2. Thanks for sharing the story, Tommy. I think what you’re saying is true, Chip Kelly loves football and it shows. In my opinion, he’s made all the right moves — hiring assistants, in free agency and in the draft — since he arrived. It’s easy to be optimistic about the product we’ll see on the field.

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