The Voice

Isn’t that the name of a cheesy TV show? It also is a possible nickname for Bill Davis. Just listen to him.

Joking aside, Davis is a good communicator. Part of being a coach isn’t just having good ideas, but being able to communicate them to your players. Davis certainly has the presence to make it seem like he’s got the answers.  Here is an interesting blurb on him from an article on his hiring in SF.

“Even though (Mike) Nolan has followed Davis’ career for some time, it was a recommendation from Giants defensive coordinator Tim Lewis that swayed Nolan.

Lewis, who competed with Nolan for the 49ers’ coaching vacancy, said that Davis commanded the room whenever he spoke to players.

Lewis also told Nolan that Davis compiled the blitz packages, along with other duties typically handled by the defensive coordinator.”

Commanded the room. I like the sound of that.

Juan Castillo did a good job with his OL. That was 10 guys in a room and only 5 on the field. Running a room with 25 guys and 20 of them expected to play is a whole different deal. Juan wasn’t a good communicator at that level. Speaking to a large group is different than talking to a couple of guys.

Davis doesn’t have ideal results from his DC days, but he sure makes you feel like he will do a much better job of running the show and getting everyone on the same page. If he does fail with the Eagles, maybe he can get a job narrating for NFL Films. He’s got the voice.

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2 Responses to The Voice

  1. Dan in Philly says:

    Speaking as one who has seen his share of ups and downs in life, I think struggling helps eventual success. US Grant is one example of this. Billichek is another.

  2. ICDogg says:

    Would never have guessed he was from Ohio based on that accent.

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