The Wrong Kind of Shady

LeSean McCoy has been a terrific RB for the Eagles on the field. Off the field, things have been less than ideal. He had a bizarre spat about child support and other things with the mother of his child on Twitter. The charges she made against McCoy weren’t good and his response was even worse.

Now comes a TMZ report involving McCoy beind sued over an incident on a party bus. Jimmy Bama wrote out the pertinent details. McCoy’s response is that he doesn’t know the woman, but she was on the bus with a friend of his.

This could be a shakedown scheme or a legit incident. Either way, Shady needs to be careful. He needs to be smarter about the fact he’s a public figure and that is a good and bad thing. Don’t let yourself be put in a position where people can accuse you of the wrong thing.

And if he did what is alleged…that’s dumb, dumb, and dumb.

We also have the bizarre Mark Barkley story. Shady told the media he had been calling Matt Barkley “Mark”. Matt told the media Shady had been calling him Matt the whole time. Is Shady goofing around with the media? I don’t quite get this. Nothing wrong going on here, but it is an odd story to say the least.

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4 Responses to The Wrong Kind of Shady

  1. mgriz says:

    not saying it isn’t true but if it went down how the girl described it i feel a investigation would have taken place and we would have heard something before 5 months had gone by.

  2. Tommy the K says:

    Now we know why we signed another RB. Shady’a hat size is up to a 10 1/4

  3. Ross says:

    Glad Shady had time to arrange his party bus while he was missing a month+ with his concussion issue. Shady the player…. I like him. Shady the person is a turd. As for evidence… there wont be any. This was Shady, a body guard, 3 friends and 15 hookers. I can guarantee neither the bodyguard or 3 friends will be ponying up any cell phone video and the hookers didn’t get their phones back until the trip was over.

  4. PIG says:

    The Wrong Kind of Shady | Eagles Blog

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