Will the Eagles Turn It Around in 2013?

Don Banks of SI.com wrote a piece about the teams most likely to bounce back from a bad 2012 season. Who does he think will go from last place to the playoffs?

Here are his thoughts on the Eagles:

“For starters, Eagles believers probably know the NFC East is an equal opportunity division and has been for quite some time. All four teams have won the division once in the past four years, and the last team to repeat as champions were the 2003-04 Eagles. It doesn’t take 12 or 13 wins to claim the East, either. The most recent three division champs went 10-6 or 9-7, so it’s not a mountain that can’t be scaled in one expedited burst, as the Redskins just proved. There’s so much change underway in Philly, and that usually requires an acclimation period of sorts and enduring the baby steps phase of the rebuilding process. But Chip Kelly doesn’t really strike us as the patient type, and if he can find a hot hand at quarterback, solidify the offensive line and shore up that sieve-like secondary, the Eagles have the skill-position weapons to win with. This isn’t a club facing a three-year slog back to contention.

2013 playoff chances: 50-50, but climbing.”

That seems like a pretty fair assessment of things.

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