DJax and the New Offense

Brent over at Eagles Rewind, a good new site, offers up some thoughts on why DeSean Jackson might have a tough time fitting in the new offense. Brent isn’t a Jackson basher. He’s simply talking about fit.

I’ve long been a big Jackson fan. I think he’s underrated as an all-around receiver and wasn’t used well by the previous scheme.  His straight-line speed is among the best in the league, and used properly, he should open the entire field up by forcing safety coverage deep.  However, it wouldn’t surprise me if he makes a less successful transition than I hope and others expect.

Go check out the piece to see what his reasoning is.

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6 Responses to DJax and the New Offense

  1. SteveH says:

    Not bad reasoning, but I imagine some of those concerns could be counteracted if Chip is aggressive and creative in finding ways to get Desean the ball, which I think we all believe he will do. Lets hope DSJ rises to the challenge.

  2. Dan in Philly says:

    I’m not buying his argument. He seems to be trying to fit the personnel the Eagles have into his idea of what Chip will run. I buy into Chips continual arguments that the personnel will dictate the scheme, not vice versa.
    Jackson is arguably the best offensive player on the team. He’s the only one I know of who requires opponents to adjust game plans to allow for. If you give Chip a player like that and then assume he will not be utilized, its like giving a great chef a piece of Kobe Beef, and expecting that chef to ground it into hamburger because he likes to make hamburger more than anything else. Great chefs use the ingredients they can get to make their dishes, they don’t jam in whatever ingredients they have to make a predetermined dish.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      What about Hamburger Helper? If you have chicken, you don’t use it. You go to the store and buy some hamburger meat.

      Hopefully this clears everything up.

      • Tommy Lawlor says:

        Okay, joking aside…your point is valid, Dan, but Chip does have specific ideas of what he wants to do. He’ll adapt to his personnel, but only if he values those guys. We don’t know what Chip thinks of DeSean.

        I think he could be a star for Kelly or a complete bust. Kelly needs to use him right. DeSean needs to make plays. Being a deep threat isn’t enough.

      • Dan in Philly says:

        Lol, I’ve watched enough episodes of Chopped to know if life gives you hamburger helper, you make a delightful fusion dish of Cuban/Italian blend. It’s what great chefs do.
        To your serious point, I think Jackson is a really special player, and I can’t imagine Chip Kelly (from what I’ve learned about him) would send him deep again and again and again. We will see of course.

        • Tommy Lawlor says:


          Apologize to the Hamburger Helper Gods or be prepared to suffer for eternity.

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