Eagles Sign Matt Barkley

The Eagles signed 4th round pick Matt Barkley to a 4-year deal on Thursday. The only unsigned pick is 1st rounder OT Lane Johnson.

No terms of the deal are officially known yet, but based on his draft slot we know about what he should make.

This is a bit less than he’d have earned if he came out in 2012 and was a Top 10 pick (although we still don’t know that would have definitely happened).

Barkley can make that money up if he has a good career. The first focus is trying to challenge Mike Vick and Nick Foles for the QB job.

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3 Responses to Eagles Sign Matt Barkley

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  2. Wilbert M. says:

    It must sting Barkley a little bit or he wouldn’t have lashed back at Shefty. He should realize that being a god at USC for a year is worth millions!

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      I think what burns him is that others can’t understand that Barkley isn’t obsessing on the money. If Barkley wanted the money, he’d have come out. He genuinely wanted to stay at USC and have a great 2012 season, to lead the Trojans to the Rose Bowl (or better).

      Barkley doesn’t need the money to support his family. They’re fine on their own. He’s been able to make decisions strictly based on what he wants and what is best for him.

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