Marty Mornhinweg is now the Offensive Coordinator for the Jets. Marty did some good things in Philly, but had more than a few detractors as well. The problem is that he and Andy Reid both loved to pass. There was no one in the room to argue for more running or making offensive adjustments.

Marty goes to the Jets, who had a woeful offense in 2012. They were 30th in yards and 28th in points. They were near the bottom in virtually every team passing category. If Marty can turn this group around, he’ll rebuild his reputation in a major way.

Marty did run the 1998 Niners offense, which finished 1st in rushing, passing, and total yards. That is the only offense to do that in years and years. Marty did lead the Eagles to the franchise record in points a couple of different times. The man knows offense. He just needs someone to push the run game on him. Rex Ryan will do that and the coaches could end up bringing out the best in each other.

The first order of business is finding a QB, whether that is Mark Sanchez with rebuilt confidence or rookie Geno Smith with a crash course in NFL football.

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