Matt Barkley Update

Matt Barkley isn’t your typical rookie QB. He started 4 years in high school. He started 4 years at USC. He is very comfortable in the spotlight. He also has been part of QB competitions in the past. His eyes are wide open as he heads into Training Camp.  He’s learning, but still ready to compete.

Barkley gushed about the relationships he’s developed with the Eagles’ two incumbents. He said he’s learned about how to approach game situations from Vick, who is sharing knowledge he’s gained over a decade in the NFL. Foles has impressed Barkley with how quickly he transfers a concept from the meeting room to the field.

Barkley also made sure to include former Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon, noting Dixon’s understanding of Kelly’s system and the instruction Dixon offers when the first- and second-team offenses are on the field.

“This is all new to all of us,” Barkley said. “Those other guys kind of got a head start from being there a month earlier, but we’re all pushing each other.”

It will be interesting to see if Barkley is able to push Vick and Foles in camp.

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  1. Anders says:

    Everything about Barkley screams he should not have been a 4th round pick.

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