Nic Purcell Article

Nic Purcell is the undrafted OL the Eagles added after a tryout at rookie camp. Chip Kelly recruited him to Oregon, but due to a strange ruling by the NCAA (do they get anything right?) Purcell wasn’t eligible to play D-I football.

Les Carpenter wrote a story on Purcell for Yahoo. Good stuff.

We don’t know if Purcell is ready for the NFL, but he’ll do everything in his power to make it. He’s a worker and has made himself into a legit NFL prospect.

By then, Purcell had built himself into a 305-pound giant. He loved working out. Eddie Steele, Golden West’s strength and conditioning coordinator, opened a gym not far from campus and Purcell spent hours there. In fact he was so diligent about his workouts, arriving before 6 a.m., Steele finally gave him a key, telling the player to get started in case Steele couldn’t get there in time.

In the evenings, Purcell and a small group of workout partners ran a hill that went down to the Pacific Ocean. The hill is steep, yet they pushed to run it over and over. They lifted more weights. They pushed cars.

“His work ethic is unreal,” Steele said.

I’m looking forward to seeing Purcell play.

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