Rotoworld Update

Evan Silva of Rotoworld posted notes on NFC Teams. Here is what he had to say about the Eagles:

There remain more unknowns than knowns following Chip Kelly‘s first OTA schedule as an NFL coach. A seemingly growing pocket of Philly beat writers believes Nick Foleshas a real shot to beat out Michael Vick. Foles and Vick essentially rotated evenly with the ones all spring, and Kelly promises to design his offense around the strengths of the prevailing competitor. My money is on Vick, but daily Eagles observers are more plugged-in than me. We may not know the starter until the first week of September. … Rotoworld completed its annual Draft Guide magazine this week. One of the more compelling Eagles stats I found was 685:373. That was Kelly’s astonishingly lopsided run-to-pass ratio with the 2012 Oregon Ducks. While his NFL offense is unlikely to be identical, it’s more confirmation Kelly is a believer in the run game as his foundation. The number bodes well for LeSean McCoy and projected No. 2 back Bryce Brown. Last season, Kelly gave Ducks starting runner Kenjon Barner 23 touches a game, and “backup” De’Anthony Thomas 10.5.

Check out the piece to see some interesting thoughts on Dallas RB DeMarco Murray.

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