Changes From Reid To Kelly

Reuben Frank wrote a good piece on changes at Training Camp between Andy Reid and Chip Kelly.

Reid ran fast practices, but Kelly is at a whole other level. He’s changing the way football is practiced at the pro and collegiate levels.

“It’s different, that’s for sure,” said veteran linebacker DeMeco Ryans, now playing for his third head coach in three years. “Our time is used effectively. Coach is very efficient with the way he runs practice. Every minute that we’re on the field out here we’re doing something constructive, something geared toward making us better.

“There’s no wasted time and everything is moving fast and it allows a lot of guys, especially a lot of younger guys, to take advantage of it, because they’re getting a lot more reps than they would have with other teams, because there are more reps.”

We’ll see if the practice methods make a difference. They certainly did at Oregon.

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