Duce Staley the Coach

Former Eagles scout John Middlekauf points out some excellent assistant coaches around the NFL. One of them…Duce Staley, the Eagles RB coach.

I am obviously biased here, but I fully believe Duce has a chance to be the best running back coach in the NFL. Staley garners immediate respect from players because of his success on the field. He is not afraid to get on players and has the unique ability to get them to respond quickly. He also learned from arguably the best RB coach in the NFL in Ted Williams, who happens to still be on the staff. It’s no coincidence that Chip Kelly retained both coaches.  Lesean McCoy’s career took off in 2010, when Staley arrived, and he played a key role in Bryce Brown’s development last season. With Chip now running the show, and with the uncertainty at the QB spot – look for Staley to really stake his claim as one of the game’s best young coaches. I’d be shocked if the Eagles don’t have one of the best running attacks in the NFL in 2013, with Staley factoring heavily to that success.

Some former players don’t have an interest in the grind of being an NFL assistant. Duce seems to enjoy the challenge. It isn’t for everyone, but some people really love it.

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