Major B.S.

Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie said some interesting things in an interview with his hometown newspaper. This nugget may grab your attention. Find out why he signed with the Broncos.

“They told me about my flaws. Nobody had done that, and it impressed me,” Rodgers-Cromartie said Friday, wrapping up his three-day basketball camp at the Palmetto Boys and Girls Club. “They told me what I needed to work and how they would get me better instead of telling me about what I could do.”

Say what?

“Nobody had done that (told him about his flaws)”.  I find that very hard, if not impossible to believe. A better explanation is that DRC had never listened.

DRC has spent 5 years in the NFL. There is simply no way that he hasn’t been confronted about his issues. His play has been highly erratic. Andy Reid called DRC into his office in December and threatened to bench him if DRC didn’t play better. DRC did respond to that. Are you telling me that Reid didn’t talk about some flaws in that meeting?


I say it over and over. Players are the worst source of information. Some are liars. Some are idiots. Some shoot you straight, but they are in the minority for sure. Most players either can’t handle the truth or just don’t want to face it.

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  1. RIP Worms (@RIPworms) says:

    I’m as frustrated as anyone was with DRC, but I think you are interpreting his comments too broadly in this case. I think he was speaking only of his current “free agency tour.”

    Mark Schlereth was talking about this on ESPN’s Mike & Mike this morning re: Dwight Howard. He was saying how Howard was about to embark on an indulgent, “tell me again how great I am” tour of the NBA teams trying to court him.

    If I hadn’t happen to hear Schlereth’s comments this morning, I don’t think I would have had my current perspective. My guess is that DRC visited several teams this off-season and none of those teams discussed his flaws.

    That makes a lot more sense to me, anyway.

    • RIP Worms (@RIPworms) says:

      And no, the irony of my providing a stronger defense for DRC than he provided for the Eagles in 2012 is not lost on me.

  2. Identity Withheld says:

    I don’t think your reaction to this by declaiming it as “bs” is fair. My post-mortem for Reid that I wrote in January pointed a finger straight at the Eagles front office for cutting corners on secondary coaching.

    The Eagles didn’t always have a secondary coach in place while DRC was here. His worst stretches of play coincided with the periods of time that there was not a single secondary coach on the Eagles staff. Even when the Eagles did have a secondary coach, they paid only one, unlike other NFL teams, where the usual is two: one coach for corners, one for safeties. And when the Eagles had a single secondary coach, that coach never stayed for more than a year.

    So what DRC was saying was literally true, supported by the facts of the Eagles payroll. How many pro teams can go without a single coach watching tape for an entire defensive unit?

    Oh, and to make things even worse, the Eagles went with three safeties last year. I mean they didn’t even have enough players to offload secondary tape breakdown on.

    I hope that the very fact of the matter might sway you. The guy is not making it up and neither am I.

    More importantly, I believe to this day that the need for player control and sufficient coaching staffing resources is what made Chip walk away from the Eagles, and that control and staff is exactly what Chip got from the Eagles after everyone else like Chip turned down the Eagles. Anyone who has run a business funded by investors knows you can’t take control of a helm without the resources sufficient for success. Chip knew that about Reid’s Eagles, and anyone else out there who took a careful look at the understaffed coaching staff would have known that about Reid’s Eagles.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      You are way off.

      DRC said he NEVER had flaws pointed out. He was in the NFL for 5 years. He spent 3 years in Arizona. He had a HC, DC and DBs coach for that entire period. He spent 2 years in Philly. He always had a DBs coach here as well. The difference is that Bowles had split duties the last 10 weeks when he took over as DC.

      It is impossible to think that DRC never had his flaws pointed out by one of the many coaches who supervised him for 5 years.

      Now…the catch here is that the coach may have pointed out the flaws but not fixed them. I never said the Eagles did a good job coaching up DRC. That’s not my point.

      I’m taking umbrage with the delusional comment that he’s never had his flaws pointed out. That is simply impossible.

      Go read my Iggles Blitz post and you’ll see that DRC said last summer that Castillo discussed his weaknesses with him.

      DRC is simply full of crap and like many players…thought he could say whatever he wanted and that no one would pay attention.

      As for the Chip stuff…you’re off on that as well. Chip had more power available when the Eagles were hot on his trail. When he walked away and then came back, the Eagles had more of an upper hand.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      And about 2009…we did have a DBs coach. Brian Stewart.

      JJ was the DC with McDermott coaching the DBs. Jim died in the summer. Sean took over and the team hired Stewart at that point. The hope was that JJ would be able to handle another season so they didn’t start lining up replacements before that.

      And Mike Zordich was a coaching intern for the DBs. So there was him and Stewart to run the group, with McD helping out.

  3. Dan Goldstein says:

    Why didn’t Vick’s equally preposterous claim that no coach during his 10+ years of professional football had ever taught him how to carry the football provoke a similar response from you? At this point, DRC is just some underachiever who plays in the AFC. Who cares? Vick is our QB! His unwillingness or inability to listen to any of his coaches has been a major factor in two seasons of mediocrity.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      Interesting question, Dan, but I do see the situations as different. DRC is saying no coach ever pointed out any flaw. Clearly impossible.

      Vick said no coach ever taught him how to carry the ball. We’re talking about a specific skill here. If Vick said no coach ever worked on his footwork or mechanics, that would be ludicrous. He’s a QB. QB coaches focus on that stuff, day after day. They do it with veterans and rookies.

      I’m not sure how much coaching QBs get on running skills.

      I do think that coaches have talked to Vick about carrying the ball, but I don’t know that they ever really taught him. I can see a coach yelling at Vick to “tuck the ball away”, but not necessarily going over it with him in terms of specifics. Look at Tiki Barber. He was a RB that fumbled for years until a coach sat him down and really hammered home “This is what you need to do.”

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