Michael Bamiro’s Contract

The details of Michael Bamiro’s contract are out. And they’re interesting.

Salary cap expert Sam Lynch offered some insight on these details, also on Twitter. Rather than show all the tweets, let’s focus on the contents. Quick note…PS=practice squad.

Note: likely that any prac squad sal offsets gty

Therefore, while the amount of guaranteed money is consistent with something between a 4th and 5th rd pick, guar sal = less valuable than SB (signing bonus)

Also, amount of guaranteed money is less than the minimum split salary (if player is on IR). If Bamiro not best 53, cuttable, PS-able.

Final note: Min PS salary for 2013 is $102k (17 weeks x $6k/week). It will be $107,100 in 2014 which is EXACTLY Bamiro’s salary guar in ’14.

Thanks to Sam for clearing this up.

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  1. Arby says:

    Early obvious nickname possibility: BamBam.

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