More Practice Notes posted some good practice notes. Here’s what they had to say about Monday.

Wide receiver Greg Salas continues to have a really good Training Camp. He’s crisp as a route runner and smooth in and out of his breaks to create separation. Salas had one particular play where he ran a perfect corner route, jumped, snagged the ball using perfect catch technique and then tapped both feet inbounds. The cornerback got turned around and was nowhere close to him.

Salas has gotten a lot of good press here recently. He is a natural slot receiver. If he continues to practice well, you wonder if that would make the Eagles consider dealing Jason Avant. Salas will turn 25 in August. Avant is already 30. Obviously Salas has to play well in the preseason games before this type of discussion can be more than just a “what if” type of deal.

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Brandon Lee Gowton posted his notes at BGN. Let’s hear about the running QBs.

• QB UPDATE: Nick Foles is now a running QB, apparently. OK I’m exaggerating, but he fooled the entire defense on one rep with a keeper on the read-option. 10 easy wide open yards right there for the future track star. Later in the practice, there was a rep where Foles took a long time to throw that ball and it almost got picked off by Boykin. Bad decision. Vick had a play where he made a “horrible TD pass”. Jimmy has more info on that in his notes.

• Option play! Vick was lined up in the shotgun with Damaris in motion running behind him, Vick snaps the ball, runs left and pitches the ball to a trailing Damaris. The play wasn’t very successful (gained a yard or two at most).

I really can’t wait to see this team in a game.

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  1. Blindchow says:’s practice notes are like Training Camp: The Good Parts Version. By the end they got you thinking every player is gonna make the Pro Bowl…

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