More Practice Notes

Brandon Lee Growton posted his practice notes. Sounds like Brandon Graham is making some progress with his coverage skills.

• I watched a drill where the OLBs practiced dropping into coverage. Brandon Grahamlooked smooth doing this, but he couldn’t catch the ball when it was thrown at him. Graham needs to work on his hands if he hopes to pick off some passes. also posted some practice notes. There was some real good stuff here.

Safety Kenny Phillips looked good in coverage. He had a diving pass deflection on a quick out near the sidelines. Phillips immediately diagnosed the play at the snap and made a bee-line for the receiver. Without the extra split second gained thanks to that reaction, there’s no way he gets there to make the play in time.

Running back Chris Polk had an excellent day of practice, both running and receiving. He was quick to and through the hole, making decisive cuts and exploding to the second level. We know he has the power to run over defenders, but it appears the athleticism is catching up, too. Polk’s hands are underrated, as is his general ability as a receiver. He smoothly plucks the ball away from his body, and his most impressive catch came on a route over the middle where he deftly twisted his body and reached behind to make a catch all in one motion without even breaking stride.

Check out both pieces for lots of good nuggets.

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