Pray for Philip Rivers

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3 Responses to Pray for Philip Rivers

  1. KeepSwinging says:

    I don’t think Dunlap was that bad. He was a bad run blocker but he could pass protect. He’s not going to the Pro Bowl anytime soon but he’ll be an upgrade over the garbage that San Diego’s had at left tackle last season.

    • Tommy Lawlor says:

      King can be an effective pass blocker, but remember that Reid gave him lots of help with chip blocks and things like that. We don’t know what SD will do this year. New coach, new offense.

      Also, struggles to stay healthy. Missed 2 full games and parts of others last year.

  2. Benzino says:

    Ha Ha Ha… King was the kind of player that on each play you just cringed and hoped he made a play but usually he was beaten by smaller and fast, more physical players that take advantage of his slower than slow reaction time. Rivers will be in my prayers LOLOL.

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