Purcell Update

Nic Purcell has the most fascinating background story of any Eagle rookie. Heck, maybe any Eagles player. He’s the guy from New Zealand who played community college football and then the NCAA denied his bid to go to Oregon.

There is a new article out on Purcell from his homeland. The interesting nugget here involves hazing.

“I was expecting a little more ‘hazing’ (being hassled by the older players, more or less) but that doesn’t really go on at the Eagles, so you just avoid the unnecessary stress,” he says.

“The majority of senior players are really helpful just trying to help you transition … it’s a really good environment here.”

I think light hazing is okay, but too often players took it too far. I’m glad Kelly has no hazing or minimal hazing. The Eagles might be looking for some rookies to contribute quite a lot. You want them to fit in, not feel like outsiders.

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