Roster Tiers

Chip Kelly would hate this, but I think it is a good way to look at things for those of us on the outside. Sheil Kapadia broke down the roster into 5 tiers.

Tier 5: These are the longshots. If any of these players land on the 53-man roster, consider it an upset.

Tier 4: These are the fringe guys. Don’t count them out, but they’ll very much be fighting for roster spots over the next several weeks.

Tier 3: These are your backups. They might not play a lot this season, but going into camp, they look like pretty good bets to make the team.

Tier 2: These players will be expected to contribute significantly. They’re either starters or true rotational players.

Tier 1: These are your difference-makers. They’ll be the guys responsible for determining how many games the Eagles win in 2013 and what direction the franchise is headed in going forward.

Sheil’s goal wasn’t to think just in terms of how players fit into the starting lineup, but rather to see how they fit in the roster outlook.

The Eagles will keep 8 or 9 OL. That has to be balanced with the number of WRs, TEs and RBs. You have to see the big picture.

I agree with where he had most guys slotted. Once you get toward the bottom of the roster, it can be hard to differentiate between a camp body and a developmental prospect.

Kudos to Sheil for coming up with a fresh way to look at things.

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