Saturday Practice Notes

Brandon Lee Gowton (BLG over at BGN) posted some good practice notes.

Since WRs are the topic of the day, here is what he said about them:

• Russell Shepard’s work with the JUGS machine has been paying off. He made a few nice grabs today, including a deep throw from Michael Vick. Word is that Vick individually praised Shepard for his efforts in camp so far. WR Greg Salas had a few nice catches as well.

• Damaris Johnson, the Eagles secret superstar, has had an impressive camp. At one point he caught a pass in the seam from Nick Foles. Great throw and catch. Later, Damaris had an impressive deep catch from Vick where he just barely got two toes down in-bounds. It could be a big year for Damaris if he keeps it up.

• Future Hall of Famer Derek Carrier made some really nice catches today. Carrier was 1 on 1 with Chris McCoy in coverage and made an impressive over the shoulder catch. McCoy did his best to keep up but Carrier is too good at getting separation on his routes. The next rep Carrier got, he made another great catch deep down the field.

I included Carrier and McCoy because that is info I haven’t seen elsewhere. No person can see everything at camp. You need a variety of sources to have a good idea of what is going on. Brandon has become a quality source for practice info.

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2 Responses to Saturday Practice Notes

  1. SteveH says:

    I keep forgetting that Greg Salas is even on the squad, but honestly I guess with Maclin going down he’s got just as much of a shot to stick as Momah or Shepperd.

  2. SteveH says:

    Also, shoulder pads Sean has a business card. I present that information without further comment.

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