The Onion on RGIII

The Onion is up and down with sports jokes. This is funny.

Doctors Clear RGIII’s Knee For Light Tearing

 “Robert’s knee has healed to the point where we feel he can safely start damaging the ligament again,” said orthopedist James Andrews, noting that Griffin should limit himself to simple overstretching at first before gradually easing into more challenging connective tissue ripping. “Heading into August, we plan on having Robert tear his knee more severely each day so that the tendon can be 100 percent shredded by the time the season begins.” Andrews added that if all goes according to plan, Griffin would be ready for a season-ending injury by as early as week one or two.

Mean, but still funny. I never wish for players to get hurt, but The Onion believes that anything can be made into a joke.

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