Clay Harbor’s Move to WR

Paul Domowitch wrote an excellent piece on Clay Harbor making the move to WR. If you include his college background, that sentence change to making the move back to WR. So far, things are going okay.

During yesterday’s practice, Harbor worked strictly with the wide receivers, took all of his snaps at wide receiver.

“I’m strictly with the wideouts right now,” he said. “I’m meeting with the wideouts. I’m practicing with the wideouts.”

Harbor shouldn’t have too much trouble learning the position. He’s a smart guy, and, as Kelly pointed out, all of the tight ends already know how to play inside. So it’s just a matter of learning the outside spots.

“It’s just a matter of learning a few more of the route concepts,” he said. “You have to know where you are everywhere on the field. As a tight end, there are a [limited] number of routes where we know we can be outside on. But when you’re outside [as a wide receiver], you have to know all of them.

“I was good on those routes. I just had to go back and study a little more. Yesterday was really my first night getting into the playbook and being able to look at that, because it was the first night I knew that I was a receiver.

“I came out here today and had a much better day than I did yesterday. You’ve got to be a lot more technical on your routes [outside] than when you’re working inside.”

Harbor could offer depth at TE and WR. He’s also a willing STs player. Kelly loves versatile players and this could be the thing that secures Harbor a roster spot.

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3 Responses to Clay Harbor’s Move to WR

  1. rage114 says:

    I’m not sure I like the move…it is a permanent one. If it is just so he can learn multiple positions, I am all for it.

    I know there are a plethora of TEs on the roster but as I understand it, there are really two or three TE positions: the Y, the Flex, and the H-back. I’m sure there is some overlap but as I look at the roster, Celek is the Y, Ertz is the F, and Casey is the H. Can Casey or Ertz really back up Celek and be the in line blocker that the Y must do? I think the only real back up at the Y-TE position on the roster is Harbor.

    • rage114 says:

      …that first sentence was supposed to be “I’m not sure I like the move….IF it is a permanent one.”

  2. ICDogg says:

    I hope it works out. He’s a guy I’d like to keep around and if that means he has to show more versatility, I think he can do that.

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